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My worst experience as a customer in Berlin ever... Terrifying experience! Well, I had left a pair of shoes to have them fixed and when i went back some weeks later to get them, the owner could not find them. He reassured me that nobody else could have taken them, since a ''ticket'' was needed for somebody to claim the shoes. At that moment i could not find the ticket and was really upset with the owner's reply, saying to me even that i might not remember well where i left the shoes etc. Anyway, i leave the shop and seconds later i do find the ticket among my bank cards in my wallet. I get back into the store and show it to the owner asking for my shoes in a polite way. He looked at it and then started shouting that this is a ticket from the week before and that i am a liar and that he would call the police. Saying even that i had made this ticket myself! So crazy! He was so rude that i was shocked by his reaction. I then asked him to call the police, but of course he changed his mind and when i said that i would call the police instead, he came out of his working area to the front of the store where i was standing, and pushed me to get me out of the store! i shouted at him to stop touching me and said that i wanted to wait there until a policeman woud arrive. The guy was so threatening that i had to go out and call the police from there. The guy is insane and the worst experience so far for me in the city... I will be pressing charges against him soon.

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Schuhreperatur Ilhan Alkan

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